What is ezIQC?

ezIQC is an indefinite quantity construction contract managed through the Gordian Group. Astra is an authorized contractor through this program in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. It is competitively bid through Sourcewell, a purchasing cooperative, and can be used for repair, alterations and new construction projects. This process is a great option for:

  • Replacement-in-kind projects

  • Security projects

  • Time-sensitive projects

  • Phased projects

  • Sub projects


Job Order Contracting is a proven construction procurement process that is ideal for use on renovation and alteration work, responding quickly to emergencies, addressing a backlog of deferred repairs and straightforward new construction. Instead of dealing with the time and expense of bidding each project separately, with Job Order Contracting, the contract has already been competitively awarded for an indefinite number of projects, enabling contractors to respond quickly and construction to begin faster.

Why use ezIQC?

ezIQC offers faster procurement for clients, compared to the long traditional bidding process. Clients save money, while still being able to use local contractors. The cost of changes or unforeseen conditions is minimized, and the whole process is hassle free for the client.

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What real customers say about using Job Order Contracting

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Owners estimate an average 24% cost savings when using Job Order Contracting over traditional delivery methods. All of these statistics come from a 2015 Industry Survey conducted by Arizona State University.

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