Since 1994, Astra has specialized in the construction of community, athletic and recreational facilities across the Southeast. Astra has grown into a multi-disciplinary family of companies, designed to meet multiple needs in the construction community.

Astra’s office is located in Woodstock and houses more than 140 employees. We are a family business, owned and operated by Ian and Andrew Lindsay.


Andrew Lindsay



Ian Lindsay

Chairman of the Board


Allen Eison

Vice President of Operations


George Heitz

Chief Financial Officer


Christian Long

Chief Estimator


Steve Adams

General Manager – ACS



Astra Group, Inc. (Astra) provides general contracting services to governmental entities throughout the Southeast. In our 22 years, Astra has completed more than $500 million in construction projects, making us the largest builder of parks and recreation in the Southeast, by volume. Astra has completed a wide variety of projects, including athletic facilities, parks and recreation, and vertical construction.

Astra Grading and Pipe, LLC (AGAP)

A full service site development company specializing in infrastructure, private development, and environmentally sensitive projects. AGAP’s services offer the perfect complement to Astra Group’s general contracting work, self-performing a wide variety of site work activities including wet utility installation, grading, environmental remediation, storm water and sanitary sewer work.

Astra Construction Services, LLC (ACS)

A general contracting company with all the capabilities of the above entities, with a greater emphasis on repetitive construction and renovation projects to governmental entities throughout our territories. ACS takes the hassle out of simple projects for municipalities and other entities by eliminating the laborious bid process. Through the job order contracting process, our clients save money and ensure their projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

Our Vision

Astra Builds Quality: Quality Construction, Quality Relationships, Quality of Life.

Quality Construction – We assign the right experts to the job to ensure we understand every aspect of the project and provide excellence in the details – every project, every time.

Quality Relationships – We partner with our clients to bring their visions to reality. Our clients come back to us again and again because we make the relationship as solid as the construction.

Quality of Life – We build the public and green spaces that bring communities together, and give residents a place to relax and recharge. We provide quality of life to our employees, as well, allowing each member of our team to put their greatest skills to use and to have a balance between work and home life.