City of Acworth


Acworth, GA

Contract Value

$6.62 million

Completion Date

March 2019 (est)

Brief Project Description

The City of Acworth, Georgia’s Lemon Street pedestrian bridge project is moving along as scheduled! Site development is nearing completion and we are prepping for bridge work in the coming months!

Astra is completing the erection of two (2) 48-ft tall elevator/stair towers supporting a 126′ pedestrian bridge crossing over CSX railroad tracks and a public roadway. We are also relocating, widening and extending Lemon Street from Southside Drive to Taylor Street by revising the current intersection at Cherokee, School and Lemon Streets to install a roundabout.

In addition, we are constructing a new parking lot at Northside Drive, installing new traffic signals at the Lemon Street and Main Street Intersection, installing new streetscape and hardscape including stamped asphalt crosswalks and paver plazas, and relocating utilities including water, sanitary, storm, power and communications.