Meet our 2018-19 project engineers!

We are very excited to be working with old & new project engineers this academic school year! Hopefully, they will choose to remain with Astra throughout their academic career! We are happy to say that the majority our interns have stayed on after graduation as project managers!

Carlos Ramirez Aguilar

Hometown: Puerto Cortes, Honduras

Education: Kennesaw State University

Major: Civil Engineering

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Why I work at Astra: I wanted to learn more about different aspects of construction and I also already knew some of the people working.

Learning Objective: I want to broaden my scope of knowledge in construction not only pertaining to just laboring and field work but also in how the people in the office tie together to make the business and project work.

Where do I work: Currently I am working under Theresa Rivera for the PDK Airport project as an assistant project manager.

Official Start Date: As soon as I completely graduate from college, hopefully before 2020, I plan to work for Astra

Carter Madden

Hometown: Carrollton, GA

Education: Kennesaw State University

Major: Construction Management

Expected Graduation: Spring 2019

Why I work at Astra: Because I believe in the type of work Astra does in creating open spaces for people to use outside.

Learning Objective: I hope to gain a working knowledge of the construction industry.

Where do I work: Several projects including Capitol Square Expansion / Bob Callan Trail / North Oconee Greenway East Campus Connector / Lakefield Urban Watershed Restoration under Shawn Springston

Official Start Date: March 2016

Jasmine J. Ward

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Education: Kennesaw State University

Major: Construction Management

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Why I work at Astra: I wanted to work at Astra because it’s a great company with a great reputation and group of people. Also, I was eager to learn a different side of construction coming from the residential industry.

Learning Objective: Working at Astra, I look forward to enhancing my knowledge base in the construction industry while meeting and working with a team of experienced professionals.

Where do I work: PDK – Atlantic Aviation Site with Theresa Rivera

Official Start Date: October 2018

Cory D. Reeves

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Education: Kennesaw State University

Major: Heavy-Civil Construction Management with a minor in Environmental Tech. of Architecture

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Why I work at Astra: I have an definite interest relating back to horizontal construction. More specifically however, concepts of infrastructure retrofitting/renovating, community development, urban planning, and sustainability, among other methods of project delivery/protocols that Astra implements deeply interests me. Similarly, these facets of Astra Group made seeking employment that much easier within this subsector of the construction industry (Civil) after surveying Residential construction this summer and seeking a different trajectory. Likewise, I can say that the ability to work directly with local municipalities and communities that I have lived and grown up in since transplanting to Atlanta just over a decade ago has proved to be especially rewarding and enriching alike.

Learning Objective: I hope to gain a better understanding of the formal pre-construction processes, especially concerning bid preparation, contract documents, project delivery methods, estimating, software(s) etc.

To help cultivate and otherwise expound upon on my knowledge of construction particularly as I approach my senior year of college and my adjoining capstone thesis.

Where do I work: As it stands right now, I am working on the Jonesboro Firehouse Museum, Peachtree Creek (Greenway Trail), and the Southside Corridor (Interim Trail). I am also looking at many more potential projects within our “bid watch” portal via Microsoft Teams!

Official Start Date: October 2018

David Derixson

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Education: Kennesaw State University

Major: Industrial Engineering

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Why I work at Astra: I started working for Astra as laborer after I graduated high school during the summer for two years. After earning enough experience out on the field I felt that it was best for me to continue my progression in this discipline with the company that gave me my first real hardworking job, Astra.

Learning Objective: I hope to gain the proper knowledge and experience needed to mold me into a prolific leader in this industry.

Where do I work: I am currently working on the Hapeville Railroad Facilities Corridor Project under Theresa Rivera.

Official Start Date: April 2018

Savannah Hansen

Hometown: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Education: Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Major: Architecture with a minor in Design for Sustainability

Expected Graduation: Spring 2019

Why I work at Astra: I thought it would be a great opportunity to experience how something is built, and understand the architect-contractor relationship from the perspective of the contractor. I also thought it would be interesting to work for a company that works on a project type (heavy civil) that I am not that familiar with.

Learning Objective: I have already gained so much from this internship that is going to help me in my career. The most important thing I have learned so far is how to understand and analyze plans, as well as how others do that. Understanding how the plans are used and what things may have been missed will help me in my future career as an architect. As I continue I
am excited to continue learning and witnessing everything that has to go into completing a project.

Where do I work:Savannah Port Project with Dan Buehler, John Pippin, Steve Ortman and Steve Murell.

Official Start Date: March 2018

Evan Fish

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

Education: Kennesaw State University

Major: Construction Management

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Why I work at Astra: To gain experience in the field of my major as I finish my education.

Learning Objective: I hope to gain as much knowledge from the field as I can so that I can be a useful asset to this company when I graduate.

Where do I work: I am currently working with Colin Waldron on the Lemon Street [Pedestrian Bridge] and Depot Park projects [in the City of Acworth].

Official Start Date: October 2018

Trey Quattlebaum


Drew Peters

Drew starts on October 29th.

His profile will be updated at that time.