AGAP wins 2017 Hard Hat Safety Award from GUCA

Our Astra Grading and Pipe division (AGAP) division won Georgia Utility Contractors Association, Inc.’s 2017 Hard Hat Safety Award for 200,001-500,000 Man Hours Pipeline Contractor Award!!!

“The greatest benefit of a having a good safety program has to be the attitude of the employees. When employees know that the company is genuinely interested in their safety it shows in everything they do. They are more prone to giving that extra little percent when they feel that they belong to a company that they can be proud of and actually cares about their well being. Astra’s RIR has been lowered from 3.31 in 2016 to .65 in 2018 the lower RIR was just another benefit of a good safety program. Astra’s goal was never to lower the RIR. The intent was always to better protect, educate and care for our employees, after all an Astra employee is an Astra family member.”

Kudos to our safety team  JC Salas, Melanie Thomas and Chris Marshall!